MUNCHKIN LATCH™ Baby Bottle / 8oz 240ML


MUNCHKIN LATCH™ Baby Bottle / 8oz 240ML

  • Better LATCH
  • Like the Breast
  • Less Colic

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MUNCHKIN LATCH™ Baby Bottle / 8oz 240ML

  • Better LATCH: Proper LATCH is achieved when mom’s nipple reaches all the way back to baby’s soft palate. The accordion-style nipple on the LATCH™ bottle stretches like the breast, helping baby LATCH easily and correctly.
  • Like the Breast: When breastfeeding, baby controls the flow of milk by applying pressure to the base of mom’s nipple. The LATCH™ bottle mimics mom by releasing more breast milk as baby pushes against the nipple’s base.
  • Less Colic: While feeding, the accordion-style nipple flexes as baby moves their head. This allows baby to maintain their LATCH, thus decreasing ingestion of air.
  • Anti-colic valve: The anti-colic valve located at the bottom of the LATCH™ bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not travel through the breast milk.
  • Slow-flow nipple: Experts agree that the best transition occurs when bottle flow and mother’s flow match. The LATCH™ Stage 1 nipple’s flow has been reduced to mimic the flow of the breast. Stage 2 and 3 are also available, allowing you to increase the flow as your baby grows.
  • BPA-free




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